Maverick Benchmark harnesses the power of Maverick Render in a portable free tool that will render full-blast for 5 minutes and tell you how performant your GPUs are.

Our benchmark is an excellent stress-test for Nvidia CUDA GPUs as it involves most of the heavy-duty features supported by Maverick Render. e.g., full-GI path-tracing, physically-based material evaluation, nodal procedural maps, ray-traced curvature maps, a massive number of light sources, lens simulation with heavy DOF, bloom & glare, and AI denoising.

Download & Instructions

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System Requirements:

  • Maverick Render is a GPU-powered engine, so at least one (modern) Nvidia GPU is REQUIRED.
  • Maverick Render features an RTX-based ray-tracing backend, so an RTX-capable card is REQUIRED.
  • We adhere to the latest Nvidia CUDA API, so the most recent version of your GPU drivers is REQUIRED.
  • These requirements are common to our products Maverick Studio/Indie.
  • TL;DR: At least one Nvidia GTX10xx, RTX20xx, RTX30xx (or equivalent) GPU is REQUIRED.


  • Ideally, the benchmark should be launched right after a computer reboot in order to minimize the chances of score contamination.
  • It is strongly recommended that you leave the computer completely idle and with no other tasks running while the benchmark is rendering.
  • Sometimes the second or third run of the benchmark will produce the highest score. This may be due to the GPUs taking some time to reach their optimal performance conditions. Otherwise, benchmark scores should fluctuate very little from run to run.
  • In some cases the same GPU may produce a different score depending on what physical PCI port it is plugged to, or whether the card is used for display or not.

For more information, please refer to the readme.txt file included in the benchmark package.

Benchmark Scores

These are benchmark scores obtained on some selected GPU boards covering the most recent Nvidia CUDA architectures. This bar graph, where taller means faster, is similar to the one that Maverick Benchmark displays on completion. You can easily tell how well your hardware performs compared to other carefully-measured iconic GPU models.

New (RTX ON) vs. Legacy (RTX OFF) benchmark scores:


RTX ON benchmark scores:


RTX OFF (legacy) benchmark scores:

These are benchmark scores obtained in some jaw-dropping monster setups with the pre-RTX (RTX OFF) version of the benchmark. We would like to express our gratitude to Nvidia Corp., Azken Muga SL, and Studio Podrini SRL for kindly providing us with the means to collect the above data.


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