Key features

Maverick Studio packs a vast set of features. These are some of the most relevant ones.
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From beginning to end, Maverick’s interactive render is final quality. What You See Is What You Get. No compromises.


Completely physically-correct and accurate, Maverick ensures photo-real and plausible output, all the way.


Maverick is architectured from its foundations to squeeze the huge computing power of CUDA-capable Nvidia GPUs.

Interactive ray-tracing

Maverick Studio listens to all your changes and reacts interactively with final, uncompromised quality.


Full spectral rendering reproduces rich, stunning colors and tones faithful to the optical characteristics of your materials.


Adaptive rendering automatically leverages computing power to favor the noisier parts of your image.

File import

Import the most common CAD and 3D exchange formats flawlessly. STEP, IGES, OBJ, and Alembic are among the supported formats.

True camera optics

Maverick Render can be regarded as a virtual camera that captures your digital world as if it was real.

Image-Based Lighting

The easiest and quickest way to illuminate a scene with incredible details that capture on-location photography.

Lighting Library

Maverick Studio features a vast library with stock HDRIs and matching backplates to illuminate your scenes easily.

Physical sky & sun

Complete physical sun and sky system with geo-positioning, astronomical, and custom orientation controls.

Shading Library

Maverick Studio features a very rich library with over 1300 pre-made materials that you can simply drag and drop over your models.


You can control materials to an incredible level with our physics model for coatings, scattering, translucency, … you name it!


Achieve the perfect look & feel with our advanced and fully interactive tone-mapping controls.

Nodal material graph

Advanced materials require a simple way to shield you from their complexity. The nodal editor takes care of that, in a visual way.

Render passes

Maverick provides an extensive list of render passes for advanced post-processing and compositing, with multi-layered .EXR support.

Shadow Catcher

Featuring automatic shadow catching from any light source, seamless integration with backplate images, and custom reflections.

Text scene format

Maverick Scene (.MKS) files are human-readable, which makes it possible to integrate our tech into any system of yours without writing a single line of code.

AI denoising

Render final images even faster using the power of Nvidia’s Optix AI denoiser. Or simply get near instantaneous final previews when editing.