Should I choose Studio or Indie?

We are asked frequently about the differences between Maverick Studio and Maverick Indie:

Studio is the product with all the features.

Indie trades some of Studio’s higher-end productivity features for a more affordable price.

Another way to answer this question is:

If you are a jeweler, an industrial designer or an engineer, then Studio is for you.

If you are a CG artist or a generalist, then Indie is for you.

Product Comparison

Connectivity Maverick Studio Maverick Indie
Standard geometry formats (e.g., OBJ, FBX, ...)
Native support for SBSAR
PBR maps importer
Substance Painter importer
Substance Designer importer
Zbrush importer
Sketchfab importer
Rhino 5/6/7 plug-in
3DM import
CAD import (STEP/IGES)
Content Library Maverick Studio Maverick Indie
Shading library (2000+ materials)
Ambiences library (100+ ambiences)
Environments library (120+ maps)
Projectors library (170+)
Gradient lights library (110+ maps)
Stickers library (1000+ maps)
Jewelry library (160+ materials)
User Interface Maverick Studio Maverick Indie
Nodal Editor
Normalight tool
Ambience Composer (Blog)
Core Maverick Studio Maverick Indie
Unforgivingly physically-based light simulation
GPU-accelerated (Nvidia CUDA)
Interactive (WYSIWYG) path-tracing
Spectral light transport
True camera optics
Physical lights
Image-Based Lighting (i.e., IBL)
Physical sun & sky
Adaptive rendering mode
AI denoising (Nvidia)
World-class tonemapping system
Lens effects (e.g.,bloom & glare)
30+ AOVs (i.e., render passes)
PBR-compliant material system
Physical simulation of metals & dielectrics
Physical Sub-Surface Scattering
Clear and thin-film (spectral) coatings
10+ physical (BSDF) material nodes
30+ procedural map nodes
Rectangular Region Render
Region Render (per-object/material)
UV mapping (per-object/material)
Micro-Patch Displacement (Blog)
Geometry subdivision
Curvature & Round Edges
Shadow Catcher (Blog)
Scatter (Blog)
Multiclone (Blog)
Shadow Catcher Region Of Interest (Blog)
Render sets (per-object/material) (Blog)
Gradient lights (Blog)
Complex IOR materials
Parametric lightbox (Blog)
Trace Sets (Blog)
Stickers (Blog)
Productivity Maverick Studio Maverick Indie
Detachable shadows/reflections
Multi-layered PSD (Photoshop) output
Video output (e.g., MP4)
Text-based (editable) scene/material file format
Turntable animation wizard
Python scripting (e.g., render batching) (Blog)
Quick Python commands
RenderWarrior (i.e., command-line application)

Note that while this page covers most relevant features of Maverick, not every single feature is displayed here. However, features not listed explicitly can be assumed to be present in both products.