Frequently Asked Questions






Does Maverick use the CPU, the GPU, or both?

Maverick has been built from its inception to run on NVIDIA CUDA cards. GPU-accelerated physical simulation is the area in which we have specialized, and you can expect a tremendous performance leap (x5-10 per GPU) if you compare Maverick to a regular CPU-only product viz renderer in a machine with a medium to high-end GPU/CPU.

The CPU is not involved in any way in the render process, other than for data preparation and UI management. Which means that Maverick is GPU-only. See System Requirements for more details.

TL;DR Maverick requires a NVIDIA GPU. A modern one is strongly recommended for an optimal experience.

Does Maverick support non-NVIDIA GPUs?

Unfortunately not. In the early stages of development, we had to choose between CUDA and OpenCL, and doing R&D plus maintaining two rendering cores was out of the question. We opted for CUDA back then and that is the path we have followed ever since.

TL;DR Only NVIDIA CUDA GPUs are supported.

What Operating Systems are supported?

We have deep appreciation for all Operating Systems. But here our choice was made based on three practical constraints.

  • We are a CUDA-accelerated engine, and Apple (Mac OS) computers don’t ship with NVIDIA GPUs.
  • Linux is really powerful and flexible, but most engineers and designers doing productviz work on non-Linux systems.
  • Supporting multiple platforms slows down development and testing dangerously, and we are strongly committed to focusing all our energy on one thing.

TL;DR Maverick is Windows-only.

What 3rd party apps are supported?

Besides the various file formats supported by Maverick Studio, it is our intention to provide bridge plug-ins for various sketching and modeling applications. These bridge plug-ins provide an easy workflow to send the 3D scene to Maverick directly from the host app.

At the moment, we provide a bridge for McNeel Rhinoceros 6. We are also working on more bridges that are in various stages of development at the moment.

What versions of Rhino are supported?

Our bridge plug-in for McNeel Rhinoceros supports Rhino 6 on Windows.

Does Maverick have version numbers?

No, Maverick does not have version numbers, but it has release date numbering.

The software will tell you everytime it’s started if there is a newer version to download.






Is Maverick biased or unbiased?

Maverick is fully unbiased and does not cut any corners in achieving 100% accurate light simulation.

Not only it is unbiased, but it is physically-based as well.

Its materials are PBR compatible, energy-loss free and feature-rich.

Is Maverick RGB or spectral?

Maverick is fully spectral at all times, meaning it takes every wavelength of the visible light spectrum into account.

This translate is richer, more vibrant and accurate colors than most render engines.

As as side effect features like dispersion have no additional render time cost and look true-to-life.

What are the main features of Maverick?

In short, Maverick’s main features are the ease of use, the top-notch quality and high performance.

Maverick Studio has been designed to be as ease to use as can be while keeping all the power it packs under the hood accessible to advanced users.

Being unbiased and spectral, with support from our in-house cutting-edge material Maverick provides unmatched quality and performance.

Is Maverick faster/better than others?

The short answer is “yes”, up to several orders of magnitude faster.

The long answer is: It entirely depends of how engines are compared. We are confident however that when compairing apples to apples, Maverick is at the top of the highest performance engines on the market, with an extra bonus: It does so without sacrificing quality.

Does Maverick do distributed rendering?

Maverick cannot currently dispatch one rendering job over multiple machines.

However, Maverick can render simultaneously onto as many GPUs your computer can hold.

With external GPU enclosures and Windows 10 Professional the number of GPUs is only limited by how many GPUs your processor and motherboard can handle.






Is there a trial version?

Yes! There is a free 30 days trial version with no limitation whatsoever availble here:


We have a video tutorial explaining how to download, install and login from Maverick Studio to remove the watermark for the 30 days trial period:


What is SaaS?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service.

Under that label are all the various forms of subscription-based licensing models.

It allows us to propose Maverick Render at a very affordable price, paid monthly or yearly.

SaaS allows us to have a more user-driven development as well as not worry about holding any feature back for a major new version: We release a new version of Maverick every friday with all the new features, improvements and bugfixes as they are ready!

Can I use my license in multiple computers?


At any moment, you can go to your user account on our website and free your license from a given computer to enable another to use it anywhere, any time.

What you cannot do however, is run one license simultaneously on multiple computers.

Do I have to always be connected?


Every time Maverick Studio is started it is required to be connected for the license validation to happen successfully.

If you are not connected to internet, Maverick Studio will exhibit a watermark over the render.

This does not stop you to work on your scenes, but this prevents saving the render.

Will I be able to render if my internet connection is lost?


If your internet connection is lost after Maverick Studio was started, you will be able to render normally until Maverick Studio is closed and started again: It will then show a watermark over the render but everything else will operate normally.

Can I resell my perpetual license?


You will need to get in touch with us to arrange the ownership transfer to the new owner.

What if our web server is down?

We will apologize profusely and find a way to make it up to you.

How long until I get a license after I pay?

Instantenously after your purchase has been confirmed by our payment gateway.

The license is immediately added to your account and you can login from Maverick Studio right away.

Are the licenses valid for 30/365 days or until the end of the month/year?

Depending on your plan (monthly or yearly subscription), your license runs for 30 or 365 days from the very moment your order has been processed.

What happens when I cancel?

When you cancel your plan, your license(s) stay active until the end of your billing period and is then terminated permanently. Maverick Studio will continue to run as a watermarked trial version.

What happens to my perpetual license when the 1-year period is over?

After the 1-year period is over, your perpetual license will continue to work exactly as it was after the last upgrade included in your 1-year period, you will no longer be able to download newer versions.

But if you liked your Maverick experience and need new features, you can subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan, or simply purchase a perpetual again for another full year of upgrades.






Are there student licenses?

Yes! A yearly EDU license is only 39.99 EUR.

Many of us at the Team keep dear memories of our college and University years. We also regard the educational community as a key component in the Maverick ecosystem, because the students of today are the professionals of tomorrow. And we wish to bring them the best visualization technology at a very affordable price.

Who is eligible for an EDU license?

Students enrolled in high school, college or University, are eligible for one single-user license. A proof of current academic status is required.

Schools, colleges, Universities and other government-accredited educational institutions can also order educational licenses for classrooms.

How can I buy an EDU license?

In order to access our special EDU pricing, it is necessary to provide some basic information to verify that you are, indeed, a student or an educational institution. This is the reason why EDU licenses can’t be purchased directly from our web shop. Instead, you need to fill up this request form:


Shortly after you submit your details, one of our staff members will contact you back with a direct purchase link.

What is the price of an EDU license if I am a student?

A yearly EDU license costs 39.99 EUR.

Note that there is no perpetual option for EDU licenses, as your student status may change from one academic year to the next.

What is the price of EDU licenses if I am an educational institution?

If you are a school and need multiple licenses to install on a classroom, please contact us by mail at gorilla@maverickrender.com or by phone +34 91 545 65 54. We have volume discounts available to better suit your particular needs.

Can I use my EDU license for commercial work?

Absolutely. EDU licensees and regular licensees are treated exactly the same. So you can use our license for your own training, as well as for commercial purposes; just like a regular customer. The only difference between an EDU license and a regular license, is in the price.

Upgrades work the same as well. All weekly builds will be available to you during the 1-year subscription term.

Can I (re)sell my license?


EDU licenses can not be transferred or resold as they are issued to you based on your student status.

Can I keep using my license after I graduate?


You can keep using your license within the 1-year subscription term. However, the license cannot be renewed as EDU if you no longer are a student. If you intend to continue using Maverick, you may simply cancel your EDU license by the end of the 1-year term, and then buy a regular plan.

Can I use my license on more than one computer?


You can unlock your license from the Profile area on our website, and then simply start the software in another computer. Note that you can’t use the software in two computers simultaneously, though.






How can I become a Maverick reseller?

It’s easy.

Drop us an email at gorilla@maverickrender.com and explain us who you are!

We will gladly take care of it from there and give you all the information you need to start boosting your business with Maverick Render.

What are the benefits of becoming a reseller?

A Maverick Render reseller can expect one of the most satisfaying experience as a reseller.

  • Complete freedom of retail pricing for your customer: You can even give away your whole reseller discount if you want.
    This means you can run your own sales the way you see fit. RandomControl will not intervene or ask for a minimum retail price.
  • Complete control over your customer discount over time: You can decide to grant a customer a high discount for a specific period of time or forever.
    You can change the discount amount, cancel or renew right from your reseller account on our website.
  • Sustained income: Our subscription plans provide monthly or yearly steady income that impacts your economy from the very first month.
  • No stock required: As soon as you become an official reseller, you can start selling Maverick licenses on-the-go. There is no stock purchase required.