Is there a trial version of your product(s)?2023-08-16T04:17:24+02:00

Yes! There is a free 30 days trial version with no limitation whatsoever available here:


We have a video tutorial explaining how to download, install and login from Maverick Studio to remove the watermark for the 30-day trial period:


In order to download and activate your free 30-day trial:

  • Create an account on the top-right corner of this website.
  • Download & Install Maverick Studio (or Indie).
  • Run the software.
  • Enter your email/password on the top-right corner of the app.
I am a student. Are there EDU licenses?2020-12-23T22:42:20+01:00

Yes! A yearly EDU license is only 39.99 EUR.

Many of us at the Team keep dear memories of our college and University years. We also regard the educational community as a key component in the Maverick ecosystem, because the students of today are the professionals of tomorrow. And we wish to bring them the best visualization technology at a very affordable price.

We require students to email us proof that they are actually students in any discipline connected to 3D visualization for the ongoing year. On approval, our Team will reply your application email with a special link you can buy from.

If you wish to continue using Maverick after your yearly EDU license expires, you must provide proof that you are still a student, or buy a regular license otherwise.

Does Maverick use the CPU, the GPU, or both?2023-08-16T04:27:41+02:00

Maverick has been built from its inception to run on Nvidia CUDA cards. Which means that you need a Nvidia GPU in order to run Maverick.

A modern GPU (e.g., GeForce 10xx/20xx/30xx/40xx, or Quadro equivalent, or newer) is strongly recommended for an optimal experience.

GPU-accelerated physical simulation is the area in which we have specialized, and you can expect a tremendous performance leap (x5-10 per GPU) if you compare Maverick to a classic CPU-only product viz renderer in a machine with a medium to high-end GPU/CPU.

We have been developing GPU-accelerated software for over a decade, and for this reason GPU support in Maverick is not an afterthought like in other software solutions, but a foundation that drives every aspect of our software architecture.


Do you work with resellers?2020-12-23T23:41:01+01:00

If you are a reseller wishing to purchase on behalf of a client, please contact us at gorilla@maverickrender.com for purchasing options.

Is Maverick biased or unbiased?2020-12-23T23:49:03+01:00

Maverick is fully unbiased and does not cut any corners to achieve 100% accurate light simulation. Our core is unforgivingly physically-based and provides a PBR-compliant material model that is energy-loss free and feature-rich.

More than as a render engine, we like to think of Maverick as a full-fledged light simulator… wrapped in an easy-to-use UI that hides all the mathematical and physical complications from the user.

Is Maverick SaaS?2020-12-23T18:30:36+01:00

SaaS stands for “Software-as-a-Service”.

Under that label are all the various forms of subscription-based licensing models.

Our licensing policy allows for you to subscribe to Maverick (SaaS) but you can also choose to buy a Perpetual License if subscriptions are not for you. i.e., we offer both possibilities for you to decide.

The prices for all options are listed in our electronic shop:


In both cases Maverick requires online activation for your license status to be verified by our servers.

I am a teacher. Are there EDU licenses?2020-12-23T23:32:47+01:00

EDU licenses for teachers in the field of 3D model visualization are free of charge, but require that you pass a certification examination sanctioned by our CG Team. This examination is mean to certify your proficiency in Maverick so that you can properly teach others to use our software.

If you wish to apply:

  • Send proof of your position as a teacher in a school, college, University or other government-accredited educational institution.
  • Pass our (online) examination.

For more information, please reach us at chimpanzee@maverickrender.com.

Does Maverick support non-Nvidia GPUs?2020-12-24T00:13:43+01:00

Unfortunately not.

In the early stages of development, we had to choose between CUDA and OpenCL, since doing R&D plus maintaining two rendering cores was out of the question. We opted for CUDA back then and that is the path we have followed ever since.

Is Maverick RGB or spectral?2020-12-23T23:51:41+01:00

Maverick is fully spectral at all times, meaning it takes every wavelength of the visible light spectrum into account. This translates into richer, more vibrant and accurate colors than most render engines.

As as side effect features like dispersion or thin-film coatings emerge naturally and look true-to-life.

Does Maverick support non-RTX GPUs?2023-08-16T04:29:29+02:00

Since version 2021.2 Maverick features an RTX-based ray-tracing backend which inter-operates with our (otherwise 100%) CUDA-based rendering core.

This means that Maverick needs an RTX-compatible card to run. That is, a 20-30 Series card, or higher. In these cards (e.g., 2080Ti, 3080, 3090, …) you may expect a considerable performance boost compared to earlier versions of Maverick.

Nvidia provides fallback compatibility for RTX in 10 Series cards. Which means that Maverick is also compatible with 10xx (e.g., 1080Ti) and compatible cards. But these cards won’t benefit from RTX acceleration as they do not provide ray-tracing specific hardware themselves.

We curate our own free-to-use benchmarking tool to keep track of performance gains in Nvidia hardware.

Do I have to always be online to run Maverick?2020-12-23T19:05:36+01:00

Yes, for the watermark to go away.

Every time Maverick is started a connection with our Internet servers is established for the state of your license to be verified.

If this connection fails, or if the license doesn’t check, Maverick will overlay a watermark over the render.

This won’t disallow you from working on your scenes, but the watermark won’t go away.

Are there volume discounts for classrooms?2020-12-24T00:16:30+01:00

Yes, we do volume discounts on EDU licenses for schools, colleges, Universities or other government-accredited educational institutions.

Please send your inquiry to chimpanzee@maverickrender.com.

What are the main features of Maverick?2020-12-23T23:53:45+01:00

In short, and in order, Maverick’s main features are:

  • Ease of use.
  • Top-notch quality.
  • High performance.

Maverick Studio has been designed to be as easy to use as can be while keeping all the power it packs under the hood accessible to advanced users.

Being unbiased and spectral, with support from our proprietary material math model, Maverick provides unmatched quality and performance.

Can I use my license in multiple computers?2020-12-23T19:05:32+01:00

Yes, you can.

At any moment you can go to the “My Account > Profile” area on our website and release (unlock) your license from the latest computer it was used on. Once you do that, the online activation system will bind (lock) your license to the next computer you run Maverick on.

There is no limit to the number of times you can lock/unlock your license.

What you cannot do, however, is run one license simultaneously on multiple computers.

What Operating Systems are supported?2021-03-05T03:03:55+01:00

We have deep appreciation for all Operating Systems, but our choice to stay Windows-only was made based on three practical constraints:

  • We are a CUDA-accelerated engine, and Apple (Mac OS) dropped support for Nvidia/CUDA.
  • Linux is really powerful and flexible, but most engineers and designers doing productviz work on non-Linux systems.
  • Supporting multiple platforms slows down development/testing tremendously, and we are strongly focused on supporting just one platform, but doing it right.
Is Maverick faster/better than others?2020-12-24T00:03:15+01:00

Some people love side-to-side comparisons that try to discern which engine is more performant. But we are well into the first quarter of the 21st century and GPU acceleration has evened out the differences in sheer performance between (GPU) engines.

We are confident that we stand in the top tier in terms of performance. But that is not our main focus.

Side-to-side benchmarks overlook the time it takes the user (not the engine!) to produce a photo-real image from start to finish. A well-crafted content library, drag-and-drop features, intuitive controls, and a consistent core is where our main focus is set.

In the ratio “results vs. user time spent” is where we are sure that Maverick excels the most.

Does Maverick support multi-GPU rendering?2020-12-24T00:09:34+01:00

Yes, it does.

Actually, the best way to get a speed boost is to throw in an extra Nvidia GPU.

Note however that adding additional GPUs adds up performance (almost linearly!) but does not add VRAM since each GPU stores its own copy of the scene data during render-time.

Take a look at the Maverick Benchmark for normalized performance charts gathered by our Team & contributors:


How long until I get my license after I pay?2023-08-16T04:23:58+02:00

Our electronic shop runs autonomously, with no human intervention whatsoever.

Your purchase invoice and your software installer will be added to your account immediately after you finish your purchase. The same email/password you used to log in and purchase must be entered in the software’s Preferences dialog in order to activate your copy and get rid of the watermark.

Are licenses valid for 30/365 days or until the end of the calendar month/year?2020-12-23T23:15:42+01:00

Depending on your plan (monthly or yearly) your license will auto-renew (or auto-cancel, according to your account settings) after 30 or 365 days, counting from the very date of purchase.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?2020-12-23T23:23:18+01:00

Subscriptions can be canceled from your user account anytime, at no cost.

If you decide to cancel your plan, your subscription will stay active until the end of your billing period. This means that no matter when you cancel, your license will activate and run normally until the end of your billing period. Past that time, your subscription will be terminated permanently and Maverick Studio will continue to run as a watermarked trial.

Subscription cancelations can be undone before the end of the billing period. You can also re-subscribe at a later time if you wish to use Maverick again.

Perpetual Licenses (naturally) can’t be canceled.

What happens to my perpetual license when the initial 1-year term is over?2020-12-23T23:31:33+01:00

After the initial 1-year term is over, your perpetual license will continue to work normally, but will only activate software upgrades released within that 1-year term. That is, you will no longer be able to benefit from newer versions.

If you like your Maverick experience and need features included in newer upgrades, you can buy a 1-year upgrades term anytime, which will extend your ability to benefit from software upgrades for one more year.

The price of 1-year upgrades term is listed on our electronic shop:


What if your online activation servers are down?2023-08-16T04:26:53+02:00

We will apologize profusely and find a way to make it up to you.

During the past years our uptime was 100% except for a couple of 2-3 hour routine maintenance tasks.

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