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1907, 2023

What’s next?

Dear Maverick users, Here's a little update on what we're working on at the moment. By the end of 2022 we believe that we successfully [...]

2612, 2022

Merry Christmas 2022

Christmas Promotion We would love to wish happy holidays during the Christmas Season to you and your loved ones. To show a little bit of [...]

2212, 2022

Scatter pattern

Dear Maverick Community, First of all, Merry Christmas and our best wishes to you and your loved ones in this very special season of the [...]

2311, 2022

Black Friday 2022

Dear Maverick users, We are running a Black Friday promotion until the end of November. If you've been considering to purchase a license or subscribe [...]

1811, 2022


Dear Maverick users, We are proud to announce that we just released Maverick Studio/Indie 2022.6. Alongside several other improvements, the highlight of this release is [...]

2110, 2022

Micro-Patch Displacement

Dear Maverick users, We are pleased to announce the release of Maverick Studio/Indie 2022.5. This one has taken a bit longer than previous releases, but [...]

2705, 2022


Dear Maverick users, TOP GUN: Maverick is blasting in cinemas worldwide and we want to celebrate this by giving a 20% discount on all new [...]

2204, 2022


Dear Maverick users, We continue to devote this first half of 2022 to strengthen as much as we can the UI/UX, usability, workflow, ... aspects [...]

102, 2022

Merge & Rhino Bridge

Dear Maverick users, We are currently working on a general improvement of "workflow" features such as: The importers. The ability to merge external models into [...]

1712, 2021


Dear Studio and Indie users, We are extremely proud of the work we've done with scatter in this release. Scatter is one of those features [...]

2508, 2021

New Shadow Catcher

Happy end of summer to all of you, Maverick users. We are proud to announce Maverick 2021.4 (Studio and Indie)!! You may have noticed that [...]

1504, 2021


The overwhelming amount of requests asking for a mechanism to place stickers/decals in Maverick made it clear for us that it was a top priority [...]

503, 2021

Trace Sets

Dear Maverick users, This post is about Trace Sets, the newest addition to Maverick's scene illumination arsenal. With Trace Sets you can control what objects [...]

503, 2021


Dear Maverick users, Today (2021.03.05) we are releasing version 2021.2. We invite you to take a look at the changelog and see what's new. In [...]

503, 2021

Version 2021.2

As described in this release's other two posts: Support for RTX. Trace Sets Release 2021.2 comes full of advanced improvements. However, as with every release [...]

2201, 2021

Ambience Composer

Dear Maverick Community, Let's inaugurate the list of releases of 2021 with today's announcement: the addition of the Ambience Composer panel in Maverick Studio. Ambience [...]

2412, 2020

Merry Christmas 2020

We wish you a Merry Christmas! We wish you a Merry Christmas!! We wish you a Merry Christmas!!! And a Happy New Yeeear!!! 2020 hasn't [...]

1112, 2020

Python scripting

Dear Maverick users, We are happy to bring before you our latest addition to the Maverick arsenal: support for Python scripting. Note that this post [...]

2711, 2020

Rhino-to-Maverick Bridge Plug-In

Finally, our brand new Rhino-to-Maverick Bridge Plug-In is here! Being McNeel Rhinoceros such a prevalent source modeling app in the Maverick userbase we decided to [...]

311, 2020

Render sets… UPGRADED!

Dear Maverick users, We are pleased to bring before you some hot improvements we have been working on for our render sets feature: - Ability [...]

2210, 2020

Maverick Benchmark

Dear Maverick users, and more broadly, dear Nvidia GPU users worldwide, We are proud to introduce our new Maverick-based benchmarking tool: Maverick Benchmark. What is [...]

1510, 2020

Render Sets and .PSD support

Dear users, We just released our most recent build of Maverick Studio and Indie a few minutes ago. As the mailing that you should have [...]

2109, 2020

New IPR and Render panel

Dear Maverick users, we spent the second half of the summer working hard on the product improvements that we are happy to bring before you [...]

1307, 2020

Material displacement

Dear Maverick users, We have just released a new upgrade for Maverick Studio and Maverick Indie that gives an answer to a couple of highly [...]

705, 2020

New sample scenes

The latest release of Maverick (Studio & Indie) installs a new set of eye-candy sample scenes. These are a great display of some of the [...]

705, 2020

Batch Rendering with RenderWarrior

Dear Mavericks, Many of you have asked our support team for instructions on how to do Batch Rendering in Maverick. We have addressed this subject [...]

705, 2020

Surface Mode (Move Tool)

In our latest release we have improved the Move Tool, which is a fundamental instrument to set up scenes. On the one hand, we have [...]

705, 2020

UV editing in Maverick

Dear Maverick users, We are extremely happy to announce what we believe is the major step forward that Maverick Studio/Indie have taken since their first [...]

705, 2020

New procedural maps

Hello again, Mavericks, The storm of new UV-related features in the latest release doesn't come alone. We have upgraded our Content Library so it makes [...]

705, 2020

Improved noise distribution

This post is quite a technical one, but we couldn't help ourselves. We have reviewed and improved the Random Number Generation system in Maverick, which [...]

2003, 2020

Masks for compositing

Dear Mavericks, We hope that you are all safe and well. We will continue our mini-series of blog posts about compositing in Maverick, with this [...]

1703, 2020

Shadow Catcher

Dear Mavericks, First of all, we wish you the best in this very hard times, where we must all act responsibly to protect ourselves, our [...]

603, 2020

Displacement from ZBrush

Hello again, Mavericks! Another improvement we incorporated in our most recent release is better support for 32-bit floating point displacement: Now Maverick (both Studio and [...]

403, 2020

Displacement autobump

A very powerful feature in Maverick is displacement autobump. Autobump was introduced when Indie was released some months ago, but was improved in our most [...]

2702, 2020

Help me choose: Studio or Indie?

Probably the most frequently asked question at support is "What are the differences between Studio and Indie?". We are planning on an upgrade of our [...]

2702, 2020

Gradient lights

Dear Mavericks, Today we are releasing our latest release. This one has taken a bit longer than usual because of the huge amount of new [...]

701, 2020

New importer for Sketchfab models

Sketchfab is a very hot platform where 3D creators can showcase their artwork, people can buy/sell 3D models, and embed 3D content anywhere on the [...]

701, 2020

Stronger scene importers

Happy New 2020 everyone!!! We wish to kickstart this year with an important upgrade to Maverick Studio and Indie. Our products are stand-alone applications, and [...]

501, 2020

Better connection with ZBrush

Our importer for models created in ZBrush now supports two different workflows: Multi-map export, where the model is made of parts, each with its own [...]

2811, 2019

Lens Effects

We have just released a new build today, and it is probably the most heavily feature-charged upgrade we've made in the past months. We will [...]

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