Dear Maverick users,

Here’s a little update on what we’re working on at the moment.

By the end of 2022 we believe that we successfully completed what we have agreed on calling the FUNDAMENTAL FEATURE SET in Maverick. This is according to the real use cases we’ve observed in our customers. For 2023 we decided to tackle the elephant in the room; the #1 request by most of our customers: ANIMATION.



The main capability still absent in Maverick is full-fledged animation. Maverick can do turntables since long ago, which cover a significant percentage of animation cases in product viz (specially in jewelry). But full-fledged animation has been consistently asked for by our customers since Maverick exists.

We’re trying to conceal two seemingly opposing goals here: flexibility and ease-of-use. Animation involves an ocean of possibilities, and leashing those beneath a UI that one could easily make sense of, is a complex design problem in itself.

Support for animation implies many changes both in the core but also in the UI. For example, a new timeline control, which is almost an mini-app itself, is mandatory. Then app-wide awareness of the current instant the timeline is at, etc…

Our goals for animation are (without getting into any deep details):

  • Flexible animation support for cameras and objects.
  • Keyframing support for as many attributes as reasonable.
  • Simplified UI for easy cases where only typical motion is required (e.g., flybys).
  • Basic support for animated stuff (e.g., camera paths) coming from other apps.
  • Camera/Object motion blur.





Another development that we have made significant progress in is our new hair/fur system. This inherits the foundations we created for the scatter/multi-clone system, and even from the pre-existing Arion hair/fur system in our codebase. But extends way further into support for many more advanced features that become necessary in order to produce life-like hair/fur/fuzz/fibers/strands in product visualization.

We’re trying to cover everything that would make sense in product viz:

  • Towels, carpets, rugs.
  • Fabric, microfibers, …
  • Velcro and other synthetic structures.
  • Brushes.
  • Fuzz.

Below you can take a look of a few examples:






Note that support animation has implications that reach deep into the depths of the core, and the new panels/controls in the UI are also quite involved. This is the main reason why this time it is taking so long for our next release. So we appreciate your patience.

We never give exact dates for releases because development always proves to be harder than anticipated. But we expect to bring you very good news later this year.


As always, thanks for watching!