Dear Maverick users, we are extremely happy to announce a new release of Maverick Studio and Indie with native support for Substance SBSAR files.

We have been blessed by Adobe/Allegorithmic with the chance to develop an integration with Substance’s procedural map & material SBSAR file format, which is now supported natively within Maverick.

As you know, both Maverick Studio and Indie already provide one-click workflows with Substance Painter models and Substance Designer PBR texture sets. But these workflows are static in the sense that maps need to be pre-baked in Substance before they are imported into our light simulation engine. Native support for SBSAR means that you can now drop an SBSAR file directly on an object in Maverick, and dynamically change its exposed attributes and see the engine react in real-time.

It follows that native support for SBSAR makes Maverick compatible with all the maps in the Substance Source library. In you are not familiar with Substance Source yet, we encourage you to visit their website and explore their ever-expanding collection of carefully crafted procedural materials.

This animation below presents some SBSAR examples with some variations for each. And below, there is a much more verbose introduction video that will teach you about the integration with SBSAR that we have created in Maverick.


Featured SBSAR files

Adobe/Allegorithmic have also kindly contributed 10 SBSAR files from their Substance Source library for us to include in the Maverick Studio/Indie installer.

Below you can sneak-peak our selection. We encourage you to drop these on your objects and play with their attributes and presets to see the amazing degree of flexibility that each SBSAR brings. It is important to stress the fact that SBSAR files are entirely procedural, so you can create an unlimited range of high-resolution tileable variations of the same material by tweaking the exposed attributes in each file.


A real case of use

The possibilities of SBSAR technology and the Substance Source library in the world of industrial design, marketing imagery, luxury goods visualization, etc… are endless. In the video below we have focused on a jewelry setup, as many of our customers come from this field. The video starts with 2 rings on a simple backdrop and dresses each object with an SBSAR-based material. SBSAR and Maverick are a killer combo: Fantastic results with little effort!


Running promotion

To wrap this post up, let’s not forget that our 2020 SUMMER promotion (coupon code: 2020SUMMER15) is still running. Grab your yearly or perpetual license of Maverick Studio or Indie before the summer ends!


Thank you very much for watching!