Finally, our brand new Rhino-to-Maverick Bridge Plug-In is here!

Being McNeel Rhinoceros such a prevalent source modeling app in the Maverick userbase we decided to work on a connection as tight as possible between Rhino and Maverick Studio. With our brand new bridge plug-in, sending/updating models from Rhino is now (literally) a one-click operation.

Rhino-to-Maverick Bridge Plug-In

Our Rhino-to-Maverick plug-in can be downloaded for free and is compatible with Maverick Studio. You can find it in the download/try page on our website:

The plug-in is compatible with McNeel Rhinoceros 5, 6, and 7 and assumes that Maverick Studio is also installed on your system.

Once installed, the plug-in will add a minimalistic toolbar in your Rhino UI with buttons to Send or Update your scene (or your selection) to Maverick.

Send Scene (or selection) will communicate with Maverick Studio, launch if it is not running yet, and make your Rhino models appear in Maverick.

Update Scene (or selection) will synchronize your models between Rhino and Maverick, making sure that any changes you did in Maverick will be preserved.

All expected features such as Rhino layers, Rhino blocks, Rhino materials, SubD objects, … are transported into Maverick. However, since supporting Rhino the best we can is a very hot topic for us, we are already planning on some improvements to make things even faster/easier in the near future.

Tutorial #1: Product (Rhino workflow)

Our CG team has created a couple of fantastic video-tutorials with a whole run down on the workflow from Rhino modeling to photo-real images in Maverick Studio.

The first one takes a product model as an example:




Tutorial #2: Jewelry (Rhino workflow)

The second video-tutorial created by our CG team is a whole run down on the workflow from Rhino modeling to photo-real jewelry images in Maverick Studio.

This tutorial will teach you pretty much all the basics you need to take you from your model in Rhino to a photo-real jewelry image or a photo-real jewelry turntable video in Maverick.




.3dm files in Maverick Studio

As you probably know, Maverick Studio already provides since long ago a full-fledged .3dm importer. The importer shares the same features as our bridge plug-in. Which means that it can read any .3dm produced in any version of Rhino. In this new release we have added support for SubD objects and a better auto-conversion routine for Rhino materials.

Note that both the .3dm importer and the RtM bridge plug-in are exclusive to Maverick Studio (i.e., not available in Maverick Indie).


Black Friday is here!!!

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Thanks for watching!