Dear Maverick users,

We are pleased to bring before you some hot improvements we have been working on for our render sets feature:

– Ability to use render sets for (turntable) animation.
– Improved (faster/more comfortable) rendering of transparent background + shadows assemblies.
– Addition of transp. background + shadows in Maverick Indie.

As usual, you will find more verbose details in our changelog.

Render sets + turntable


We have moved the render sets attributes to the Compositing panel (formerly known as AOVs panel) and moved up the feature in the core so now all rendering modes (i.e., still frame, turntable, …) may do render set layers, assemble said layers in a PSD, etc…

In addition, now it is possible to output MOV files with an alpha channel.

Here’s the corresponding video tutorial:

Embedded shadows


A top request we hear about in support is “how do I render my object with transparency and shadows”. The classic example is a jewelry designer who wants to place his designs on a website.

Thanks to render sets, now Maverick can export such render directly. Actually, Maverick can:

– Generate a PSD where shadows and reflections are conveniently detached and laid out as Ps layers.
– Generate a PNG/TIF/… with a transparent background where the shadows are embedded in the alpha channel.

Both things directly, and here is a tutorial that explains how:

Embedded shadows also in Indie


After our most recent release, some customers of Indie begged for the ability to render embedded shadows in Indie as well. We found that request legit, as you may want to render a character or a prop with shadows for display in a brochure or a website. So we decided to extend the embedded shadows capability of render sets to Indie. 🙂

Note, however, that exploding the scene in render set IDs per object or per material remains a Studio-exclusive feature.

Here’s a tutorial for Indie users:


Have fun rendering with Maverick!