Dear users,

We just released our most recent build of Maverick Studio and Indie a few minutes ago. As the mailing that you should have received says, the highlights of this release are:

  • Native support for .PSD (Photoshop Document) files. Available in Maverick Studio and Maverick Indie.
  • Render Sets. Available in Maverick Studio only.

Plus the usual round of hot-fixes based on the feedback given by our users since the preceding release 2 weeks ago.

Render Sets

Render Sets is a new production feature that gives a definitive answer to endless requests for better, more complete compositing features. These requests especially looked for easier integration of objects such as pieces of jewelry in a different background than said pieces were rendered on, such as a white website.

Render Sets will allow you to:

  • Specify what objects or materials will be rendered.
  • Detach the backdrop and the background.
  • Optionally detach the shadows and reflections of the background.
  • Output all the resulting layers in a .PSD file, conveniently organized in Photoshop groups and layers.

The animations and video-tutorials below will give you more details and describe the workflow to make the most of this amazing new feature:








AOVs and Masks

Render AOVs have been present in Maverick since the beginning, but now they can be toggled on/off from the Render panel, and like in the case of Render Sets, native .PSD output is supported. Which means that now you can transport your render and all the enabled AOVs along in the same .PSD file for extra-comfortable post-processing in an external app such as a Adobe Photoshop.



This is all for now. We hope that you will enjoy our new videos. Remember that as always, you can download the new builds from  your Profile page if you are a customer or a trial user, or from the page otherwise.

What are you waiting for? 🙂