The latest release of Maverick (Studio & Indie) installs a new set of eye-candy sample scenes.

These are a great display of some of the main features in our engine, and give you a hands-on feel of the performance of Maverick in real use cases. They are also valuable resources you can learn from or experiment with.

Jewelry Scene

This scene is Studio-only.

A significant portion of our Studio users are jewelry designers. Studio is a perfect solution for jewelry imagery thanks to our stubbornly physically-accurate light simulation engine.

This scene is great to experiment with different ambiences; specially those in the categories IBL white, Studio SC and Studio White. You may also play around with the Normalight tool to produce spot-on reflections on the ring and gems.

Thanks to the author of the original geometry, which can be found here:



This scene is Studio-only.

This is the Mini model that we have used in some of our Youtube videos, which is ideal to test ambiences from the IBL exterior category and see how the appearance of the car changes in different locations. You may also try other Environments and Backplates, or test the new flakes-based Carpaints materials in our library.

This scene is also a classic example of the Shadow Catcher material on the floor, and it renders near instantaneously in a modern GPU. So you will have great fun with it.



This scene is Studio-only.

This scene is representative of a classic productviz shot, where you will be able to experiment with lighting through our Normalight tool, with which you can place light reflections right where you need.

The scene also features some interesting materials, such as the red leather, which you may study in the Nodal Editor. There you will find a bump blend that combines the leather skin-like appearance with the wrinkles of the material. The second camera in the scene exhibits an extreme use of our powerful DOF.




This scene is Studio-only.

This is the orange blender that we have featured in some of our tutorials. This sample is great to play around with the Normalight tool, and with our gradients lights library.

From the Lights area in the library you can drop directly our stock gradient light nodes on the objects and get highly realistic reflections. You may also create a hard spotlight and experiment with photo-projectors and achieve really creative moods. And let’s not forget, you may also enable LightMixer and interactively edit light powers and hues without restarting a re-render.

The scene features 3 cameras. Cameras 2 and 3 are ideal to test DOF. The render settings in this sample come with the Nvidia AI Denoiser pre-enabled. You will see how amazingly effective it is as it kicks in, about a second or two after you stop moving the camera around.





This scene is Studio-only.

This is our rendition of the iconic Braun SK2 desktop radio design, which exemplifies a typical product on a white backdrop with hard shadows.

We encourage you to inspect the materials in the scene, which are simple yet powerful. Such as the black plastic, which features a custom roughness map. Or the grid behind the plastic, where we make use of our tiles procedural with a bit of noise distortion in the UVs.



This scene is Studio-only.

Another jewelry example. Have we mentioned that Maverick loves jewelry? ๐Ÿ™‚

This time the scene is a pretty ring with a giant diamond that shines bright in Maverick, displayed on a white background, which is a look frequently sought after by jewelry visualizers.

You may experiment with other Ambiences to see how the appearance of the piece changes with just one click. Or play around with our gradient lights to “paint with light” and accentuate the features of the metal and gems.

We also encourage you to render a turntable and even enable Bloom & Glare in the Tonemapping/Lens tab, to get a glorious shiny look. The scene comes pre-configured with good lens settings, but you may want to try different options yourself.

The original model can be found here: and we would like to say thank you to the author.



This scene is Studio-only.

This is a wooden chess, ideal to have fun with Depth Of Field. You may refocus the camera to the background or the foreground and see how easy it is to control DOF in your scenes.

The scene features two cameras. The second one is a close-up of the wood material.




This scene is Studio-only.

This scene is a canonical example of our Bloom & Glare Lens effects. Note that in Maverick, all effects including Bloom & Glare are strictly physically-based. In particular, Bloom & Glare simulate real light diffraction, and are not merely an image post-process as in other rendering solutions.



This scene is Studio-only.

This one is an electronic appliance, which is (like jewelry) another field where Maverick performs particularly well.

All the illuminants in this scene are gradient lights. Without those, the light setup would look harder, and feel far less realistic.

We encourage you to delete all the lights in the scene and then go to the Lighting library, in the Lights area, and drop lights on the model to accentuate its shape and materials. This is a fantastic exercise that will teach you how realistic, and importantly, how easy it is to create a light setup for a product in Maverick.

The original model can be found here: and we want to say thank you to its author.



This scene is Studio-only.

This is a minimalistic abstract scene meant to introduce you to our Round Edges feature. If you select the material and go to the Bump rollout, you may create and delete the round edges node and see how it properly combines with the bump we used for the punched metal extrusions.

We encourage you to unleash your creativity and play around with the bump pattern.



Maverick Studio & Indie.

This is a classic chinese dragon, with texturing done in Substance Painter and imported directly in Maverick through our toolbar button that automates the workflow from Substance in just one click.

Pay attention to the realism of the golden material, that shines in Maverick like nowehere else. ๐Ÿ˜‰



Maverick Studio & Indie.

Maverick is ideal to render materials made with Substance Designer or Substance Alchemist. All you need to do is use our Substance Designer button and get your material imported directly, with incredible displacement and fine autobump details.

Iterate through different material ambiences easily by dropping from our Library, and readjust lighting with LightMixer to your liking without re-rendering.

This scene makes use of a material taken from the fantastic Substance Source repository.



Maverick Studio & Indie.

Again, this is a Substance Source material rendered with Maverick.

This scene is ideal to experiment with our new uvmapping features, and see how well they combine with displacement. This will give you full freedom to place your material easily.

Try to illuminate the scene with spotlights or hard spotlights with photo-projectors. It will look great!



Maverick Studio & Indie.

This is our always cheerful RatBiker buddy, modeled by a great friend of Maverick called Jose Manuel Linares ( The texturing was made in Substance Painter and imported in Maverick with our one-click workflow.

This scene is ideal to experiment with different IBL ambiences and backplates. We encourage the most adventurous of you to light up the motorbike headlight, enable Bloom & Glare, and shoot for a night time light setup.

We may add another version of this scene soon. Meanwhile, we’re eager to see your experiments!



Maverick Studio & Indie.

This model was made again by our friend Jose Manuel Linares (

The texturing was also made in Subtance Painter, and like in the RatBiker scene, we encourage you to render your own versions, placing the bike in different locations, and playing with its illumination and the floor shadow catcher.

You may also give more power to the headlights and enable Glare & Bloom.



Maverick Studio & Indie.

This is a sculpture of the Hindu god Ganesha, widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom. Pay your respects! ๐Ÿ™‚

Maverick is ideal for this type of sculpt work made in ZBrush or coming from real-life scans. Simply place the model in one our ambiences, and voilรก. The play with LightMixer to finetune the mood, and everything will look great without you breaking a sweat.

We encourage you to render a turntable with Ganesha and see all the possibilities that our turntable system offers. You may spin lights, objects, the camera… and everything is easily configurable.



Maverick Studio & Indie.

This is a Maverick version of this sinister goblin, which demonstrates how easily it is to work with ZBrush models with fantastic displacement and fine autobump details.

This scene also features an instance of our skin material, which gives a perfect start point to create all sorts of human, animal, or alien flesh.

This scene makes use of a free-to-download model which you can find here:



Thanks for watching!