Dear Maverick users, we spent the second half of the summer working hard on the product improvements that we are happy to bring before you today:

  • New IPR paradigm: We have streamlined and improved the way in which editing and final image resolutions are handled.
  • New IPR productivity tools: We have added the new tools that we will describe below.
  • New Render panel: We have added a new panel that centralizes and streamlines final rendering, render batching, and turntable rendering.

We have created video tutorials for these new additions and improvements. You can find these below.

The new builds of Maverick Studio and Indie can be downloaded from our website since an hour ago. Here is a link to changelog if you want more specific details.

New IPR and Render panel

Maverick turned 1 year old not long ago, and during this first year, probably the most recurrent usability issue we have spotted when talking to our users had to do with resolution management. i.e., most users find it confusing that the IPR may be actually rendering at a resolution larger than the screen space, and panning/zooming and possibly editing on a zoomed in-or-out framebuffer was not immediately obvious to people not yet familiar with the product.

We have turned this feedback into the changes presented in this video:


In summary, now the IPR is always docked to the space available in the UI. Then, you configure final resolution (and other settings) in the Render panel, where there is a dedicated FINAL RENDER button. So now there is no confusion possible.

We have also added shortcuts so it is even easier to find your way through the UI.


This streamlining also allowed us to simplify the Globals panel, and to ensure perfect responsiveness for a smoother editing experience in the IPR, without sacrificing quality. It remains true that both the IPR and the final render processes are exactly the same engine, with exactly the same features, and producing exactly the same quality. While we have made sure that GPU and memory resources are leveraged for responsiveness in the IPR and for performance in the final render window.

New productivity/analysis tools

We have added two new tools to the IPR:

  • DOF previsualization.
  • Blow-Up (optical zoom).

The Blow-Up tool allows you to zoom in-and-out and pan across the frame plane without moving the camera to inspect details closely. The beauty of this tool is that it renders blazingly fast, despite allowing you to reach ludicrous high resolutions. Zooming in won’t make pixels look “fatter”. It will actually perform an optical zoom/pan on the camera optics so you can accurately validate surfaces and materials. The tool can be disengaged anytime, without destroying or affecting the camera position or settings in any way.



The DOF previsualization tool gives you a color-coded preview of the areas in your scene that end up in-or-out of focus. This comes handy when setting up very small objects where the DOF is very shallow, such as jewelry items.



New Render panel

As part of the streamlining between IPR and final render, we have created a new (Render) panel where you can set you resolution (and other settings) before firing up a final quality image or turntable presentation.

In particular, we have improved the turntable feature by adding one of the most sought-after features: built-in MP4 and MOV encoding. Which means that now alongside the render frames, you will find a ready-to-use .mp4/.mov video file with your turntable animation.

The video below walks you through the process to set up a turntable for a piece of jewelry:



More productivity features will be coming to the Render panel soon. Stay tuned!

Thank you very much for watching!

PS.: Some of the models used in this post were downloaded from Sketchfab.

Thanks to the authors of the models: