Dear Maverick users, and more broadly, dear Nvidia GPU users worldwide,

We are proud to introduce our new Maverick-based benchmarking tool: Maverick Benchmark.

What is Maverick Benchmark?

Maverick Benchmark harnesses the power of Maverick Render in a portable free tool that will render full-blast for 5 minutes and tell you how performant your Nvidia GPUs are.

Our benchmark is an excellent stress-test for Nvidia CUDA GPUs as it involves most of the heavy-duty features supported by Maverick Render. e.g., full-GI path-tracing, physically-based material evaluation, nodal procedural maps, ray-traced curvature maps, a massive number of light sources, lens simulation with heavy DOF, bloom & glare, and AI denoising.


Some recurring questions asked to support here at RandomControl are “what GPU should I buy for my new workstation?” or, recently, “how fast will Maverick be on the new 3080/3090 Ampere GPUs?“. Hardware and performance questions are asked so often that we decided to branch our RenderWarrior CLI tool into a well-packaged ready-to-go package that anyone (Maverick user or not) could use for free.

We are keeping and curating a database with already-known benchmark scores with data provided by our team, partners, and other contributors, which we will keep up-to-date as new scores are contributed, and as new hardware is released by Nvidia in the future.

Get me to the tool!

We have added a new section to our website where you can download Maverick Benchmark:

There you will find our score charts (curated by our team), and a gallery with the images output by the benchmark as it runs:


The tool is very easy to use. But here you have a video with instructions:

Do you wish to contribute?

Then we have a reward for you. We will be running a raffle until Nov, Friday the 13th, between those of you who post your benchmark score charts on social media:



Our team will be scouting Instagram for the hashtag #MaverickBenchmark. Entries will be used to update the official charts, and to pick/announce the 2 winners on Nov, 15th.

Happy benchmarking with Maverick!