Dear Maverick users,

We have just released a new upgrade for Maverick Studio and Maverick Indie that gives an answer to a couple of highly demanded requests:

Displacement is now a material property (i.e., not an object property like before).
Bump/normal maps work on top of Displacement/auto-bump.

We have also added some hot new stuff to the materials library and carried out with some UI/bugs/features polish as usual.

Feel free to take a look at the recent additions to our changelog for more details.

Summer promotion

But before we dive into the new features, let’s dive into the sea or the swimming pool, or any other body of water nearby.


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Displacement + bump/normal

Displacement mapping is now a property that you will find in the material Attribute Editor, unlike before. Until now, displacement was “detached from the material” as it was an object property. This caused some confusion and required a bunch of extra clicks to configure. Now displacement is streamlined along with all the other material properties, which leads to a more coherent and robust workflow. In particular, this makes materials self-contained in the sense that now materials carry displacement with themselves when you archive or apply them.

For those cases where you still want to use a different displacement for a particular object regardless of its material, we have created two new object modifiers, called mod_subdiv and mod_disp. With those you can control subdivision and displacement on a per-object basis.

But this is not all. A very frequently requested feature was that bump/normal mapping would work on top of displacement with auto-bump. And now, they simply work on top of each other as expected. 🙂



Here’s a video with a quick tour on the new material system:


Here’s a video that will guide you through the (very easy) process to adapt old scenes with displacement to the new system:

New “Copy xform from…” action

We have also done some usability upgrades in this build. Such as the new “Copy xform from…” action in the Move panel, which allows to clone the xform of another object for perfect alignment.


Upgrades in our Materials Library

With jewelry in mind, we have upgraded the metals section in our Content Library and added beautifully damaged metals like these in the images below:


This is all for now. We are already working on our next releases, as our plans for some new very hot features are about to come to fruition. So stay tuned!

Enjoy the Summer.

All the best!