Dear Maverick users,

TOP GUN: Maverick is blasting in cinemas worldwide and we want to celebrate this by giving a 20% discount on all new purchases of PERPETUAL and YEARLY licenses of Maverick Studio (and Indie).

The discount coupon is: TOPGUN

Grab your license and enjoy the movie and some popcorn in a theater near you with the money you saved. 🙂




Coinciding with this we are releasing a new round of new features and workflow improvements that we will go through real quick:

Support for .CUBE LUTs

The Adobe .CUBE LUT format allows to encode and transport a color remapping created in an external color-grading tool into a rendered image.

There are plenty of fantastic LUTs on the Internet designed to give a particular mood to your images, which you can now load directly into Maverick’s Tonemap panel.

We have added a small collection of LUT files in the Library for you to try.


This short video explains how to bring LUT files into the current version of Maverick:


We have added another very interesting feature to the tonemapping toolchain, called “affect alpha only” (also described in the above videotutorial). As the name suggests, this constrains all tonemapping operators to those pixels with an opaque alpha. So you can effective exclude the background from being tonemapped. This way you can post-process your 3D model but preserving the exact original IBL/backplate tones.


Canvas overlay

Due to popular demand, we have expanded the IPR so it always uses 100% of its surface in the UI, while still visualizing the render proportions. The main advantage of this is that now selection, the move tool, and all other IPR tools work even outside the actual frame, which allows for a better use of your screen’s real state.



Floor-plane guide

Another little addition to the IPR is the floor-plane compositing guide, accessible from the same pop-up menu where all the other guides are listed. The floor-plane guide comes handy to adjust your viewpoint following the vanishing lines in the background. i.e., when doing photo-compositing work.




Mesh lights

Mesh lights now properly notify when created (i.e., when an object is connected to the light’s mesh object plug). Some improvements have been made to their sampling scheme as well.




As always, this build comes packed with a bunch of other fixes and workflow improvements you can read about in our changelog.


This is all for now!

Thanks for watching!