We recently introduced LightMixer: an amazing solution for light editing that doesn’t need to re-render the scene.

This feature may sound familiar to many of you, since it is present in our rendering technology since the days of fryrender and Arion. But now, the UI has been extended and some exciting new features have been added.

In short: LightMixer allows you to assign the light sources in your scene to different (separate) channels. Then, you can tweak the emission power and color of each light source independently. You can mute or solo each layer, etc… In addition to this, we have added the ability to create light groups, and to consolidate your changes back to the scene.

LightMixer can be a very powerful and time-saving feature, as it allows to completely change the lighting of a scene without re-rendering it.

Here is the presentation video for LightMixer:

We invite you to also check the LightMixer documentation for more details:


LightMixer has been available in the most recent builds of Maverick Studio. If you are not a user yet, try it out for free by downloading our trial from this link:


Happy rendering!