It’s been a very busy summer for us, and we are thrilled to announce the arrival of several incredible new features to Maverick Render.

These features revolve around:

– Connecting our software with the fantastic content creation tools Substance Painter/Design and Zbrush.
– A one-click importer for PBR materials coming from any library or source, such as Poliigon.
– Taking a solid step into animation with the addition of a turntable animation wizard.
– The addition of ultra-high quality displacement.

We have created one presentation/tutorial video per feature, which you can find on our Youtube channel, or by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Let’s go through a brief description of each of the new features:


Substance Painter

One-Click Substance Painter Import

One click of a button. That is all it takes to bring your models and materials to Maverick once you have exported them from Substance Painter. Maverick will load the geometry and the materials all pre-configured and ready to render.

Our carefully crafted PBR-compliant material system, which natively supports metalness/roughness and specular/glossiness models, will take care of your Substance Painter artwork and turn it into a photo-real render in no time.

One. Click. Of. A. Button.

Substance Designer

One-click Substance Designer Import

Likewise, one-click of a button is all it takes to bring your materials from Substance Designer to Maverick.

Simply select one of the material textures (e.g., BaseColor, Metalness, … or any other) in the file picker, and Maverick will auto-configure an ambience with your full material, all ready to render.

Our incredibly detailed displacement mapping system, combined with our physical materials, are a killer combination.

PBR materials

One-click PBR materials import

Get your PBR textures imported smartly into Maverick with our one-click file picker. Simply select one of the material textures, and Maverick will auto-detect, and pull all the other textures, configuring the full material in one action.

Our solution is compatible with a wide variety of vendors and authors. We natively support Poliigon texture sets, as well as virtually any other PBR collection out there.

Importing fully-configured PBR materials into a render engine has never been easier!

Turntable animations

Turntable animations

Straightforward and easy to use, our turntable wizard allows you to create stunning presentations for your models and their material details.

The animation can be previewed in real-time within Maverick’s viewport, and with just a few settings you will get amazing presentations in no time.

ZBrush import

ZBrush import

Import complete ZBrush models along with their texture maps in one click.

Configure your mesh and textures using ZBrush’s Multi Map export. Then import the model in Maverick and see all the geometry parts and their textures be pulled and configured automatically.

Then tweak materials and lighting, and you’ll be good for a hero shot.

Be sure to download our free 30-days trial:

Thank you for reading!