This post is for all our existing customers of:

  • fryrender.
  • Arion.
  • Arion for RhinoGold.

As you may know, many important things have been going on for us lately. We have been blessed with the opportunity to assemble a larger team of passionate software engineers and 3D veterans. We have released a next-generation render engine that encompasses the relentless R&D effort we’ve made in the past years. And we have narrowed our focus down to a Studio application with very specific tools and resources for engineers, designers, virtual photographers, and marketing specialists.

We would have never gotten so far if it wasn’t because of your continued support, for which we are immensely grateful.

One month has passed since the release of Maverick Render, and the first 30-day trials are about to expire now. Many of you have expressed interest in an upgrade path to continue using our technology through Maverick Studio. And the answer is:

Yes, there is an upgrade path from fryrender/Arion.

This week, every pre-Maverick customer will be assigned a promo coupon to discount 65% off their purchases. This coupon applies to each and every item in our shop, and the discount will be effective for a period of 1 year (12 months). The coupon will be sent out to our existing customers via mailing today.

  New customers pre-Maverick customers  
Monthly 39.99 EUR 13.99 EUR
Yearly 399.99 EUR 139.99 EUR
Perpetual 499.99 EUR 174.99 EUR

Our next blog post will be an in-depth review of the details of our pricing policy, and about our new perpetual license option, which many of you have requested.

Of course, feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have by mail, through social media, or in the comments section below.