We are very happy to announce updated versions of Maverick Studio and Maverick Indie with some improvements in our Substance Painter importer.

By exporting the Substance Painter shader parameters, it is now possible to rename your texture sets without breaking the mesh-to-material links once the model is imported in Maverick.

All that you need to do, besides selecting the Maverick configuration preset, is to enable the “Export shaders parameters” in the Substance Painter texture export dialog and make sure that the textures, the mesh and the companion .json file are all in the same folder (click to enlarge):


Your model and textures will import correctly applied Maverick Studio and Maverick Indie, regardless of whether you renamed your texture sets. This was a limitation in the first release, but has been fixed in the builds that you can already download from our website.

The new and updated versions are available for download!


Thank you for reading!