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Create infinite scene variations with LightMixer

Create infinite scene variations with LightMixer

We recently introduced LightMixer: an amazing solution for light editing that doesn’t need to re-render the scene.

This feature may sound familiar to many of you, since it is present in our rendering technology since the days of fryrender and Arion. But now, the UI has been extended and some exciting new features have been added.

In short: LightMixer allows you to assign the light sources in your scene to different (separate) channels. Then, you can tweak the emission power and color of each light source independently. You can mute or solo each layer, etc… In addition to this, we have added the ability to create light groups, and to consolidate your changes back to the scene.

LightMixer can be a very powerful and time-saving feature, as it allows to completely change the lighting of a scene without re-rendering it.

Here is the presentation video for LightMixer:

We invite you to also check the LightMixer documentation for more details:

LightMixer has been available in the most recent builds of Maverick Studio. If you are not a user yet, try it out for free by downloading our trial from this link:

Happy rendering!

Educational licenses now available!

Educational licenses now available!

The students of today are the professionals of tomorrow

Starting today, students and academic institutions can get Maverick Studio EDU licenses for 39.99€/year each.

Many of us at the Team keep dear memories of our college and University years. We also regard the educational community as a key component in the Maverick ecosystem. And we wish to bring everybody the best visualization technology at a very affordable price.

In order to access our EDU program, we need some basic proof that you are indeed enrolled in college, University, etc… or that you are indeed an accredited academic institution. To this end, we have set up a request form here:

Extended the details about our Educational program are available in our (updated) Frequently Asked Questions page.

Upgrade path from previous products

Upgrade path from previous products

This post is for all our existing customers of:

  • fryrender.
  • Arion.
  • Arion for RhinoGold.

As you may know, many important things have been going on for us lately. We have been blessed with the opportunity to assemble a larger team of passionate software engineers and 3D veterans. We have released a next-generation render engine that encompasses the relentless R&D effort we’ve made in the past years. And we have narrowed our focus down to a Studio application with very specific tools and resources for engineers, designers, virtual photographers, and marketing specialists.

We would have never gotten so far if it wasn’t because of your continued support, for which we are immensely grateful.

One month has passed since the release of Maverick Render, and the first 30-day trials are about to expire now. Many of you have expressed interest in an upgrade path to continue using our technology through Maverick Studio. And the answer is:

Yes, there is an upgrade path from fryrender/Arion.

This week, every pre-Maverick customer will be assigned a promo coupon to discount 65% off their purchases. This coupon applies to each and every item in our shop, and the discount will be effective for a period of 1 year (12 months). The coupon will be sent out to our existing customers via mailing today.

  New customers pre-Maverick customers  
Monthly 39.99 EUR 13.99 EUR
Yearly 399.99 EUR 139.99 EUR
Perpetual 499.99 EUR 174.99 EUR

Our next blog post will be an in-depth review of the details of our pricing policy, and about our new perpetual license option, which many of you have requested.

Of course, feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have by mail, through social media, or in the comments section below.


A piece of our roadmap

A piece of our roadmap

Dear Maverick users,

Every day we receive mails with your questions and requests. Many of these mails ask whether we will implement this or that feature.

We would like to give an answer to some of the most frequently requested features by exposing a piece of our roadmap here. The features listed below are currently at different stages of development. So you can expect them to pop up at some point in our weekly builds. But please note that we release features only when we consider them release-worthy, and in no particular order, as some take longer to develop than others. Also note that we can’t provide a timeframe, as development often becomes impredictable down the road.

These are some features we are currently working on:

  • Animation (turntable first, full support in the UI later).
  • Bring animation from Alembic, FBX, …
  • UV mapping projectors within Studio.
  • HDR editor.
  • Bridges with more 3rd party apps, besides Rhino.
  • Importers for materials created in 3rd party apps.
  • GPU-based implementation of the most relevant tonemapping features in ArionFX.

We will take advantage of this post to open comments in our blog, because we would love to hear your requests!

What feature(s) would you love to see in Maverick the most? Have your say!

Rhino connection

Rhino connection

Dear users,

Last Wednesday, at the McNeel Marine Design & Engineering Meeting, we announced our upcoming bridge plug-in for Rhinoceros 6. And today we have made it available!

Our Rhino connection is an exporter plug-in that allows you to send your models to Maverick Studio directly from your Rhinoceros session. The plug-in itself is free, and you can use it as much as you want with the Maverick Studio trial, or with your subscription plan.

You can download the Maverick Studio 30-day trial and the Rhino-to-Maverick plug-in from

Bring those designs to life and feel free to share your results with us on social media.

We love Rhino!

Hello, World!

Hello, World!

Hello from the Maverick Render Team!

Maverick is airborne, and here’s our statement:

We are focused on shaping our software to the needs of product designers, visualizers, and marketing specialists.

On this blog we will talk about new features, progress in development, and other topics of interest to our community of users. Like… did you know that we upgrade Maverick Studio very often, and there is usually a new build every Friday? Development moves fast here, and here is the changelog with the most recent upgrades we’ve made.

Wait. What? You’re not a user yet? Oh my! Grab our 30-day trial and use it even for commercial work if you want.

Feel free to share your feedback with us by mail, or through our social networks, like Instagram or Youtube.

Have fun rendering!