Happy New 2020 everyone!!!

We wish to kickstart this year with an important upgrade to Maverick Studio and Indie.

Our products are stand-alone applications, and for this reason, the workflow to import data from your favorite DCC app into Maverick is KEY to us. We spent the whole month of December greatly upgrading and extending the data import capabilities in our software.

You can check our changelog for a list of improvements and new features, but they boil down to:

  • We’ve added support for many new file formats (e.g., GLTF, COLLADA, … and many others).
  • We have improved support for existing file formats (support for hierarchy, fewer user parameters, …).
  • We have made our connection with Substance Painter be more robust.
  • We have improved our support for data coming from ZBrush (polypaint, …).
  • We have added a new importer for Sketchfab models, with full support for PBR-compliant maps.

In this and the next blog posts, we will get into some details and provide some nice images for illustration.

Note that all these improvements are available to both Maverick Studio and Maverick Indie. Below is the presentation video for this release. ENJOY!


For this build we’ve made an emphasis on general geometry and map data import capabilities. We have also made a strong effort on the hardcore CAD side of Maverick that we will save for our next release. Actually, very soon there will be major news for our Rhino users. 😉

So, let’s focus on the next 3 posts for this week, where we will talk about Substance Painter, ZBrush, and Sketchfab.

May 2020 be a wonderful year for you all!