We are delighted to announce the development of the so much requested SolidWorks-to-Maverick bridge plug-in.

SolidWorks-to-Maverick will bring to SolidWorks users all the magic features that make Maverick ideal for product and industrial design visualization. With just one click in SolidWorks you will get your model transferred to Maverick Studio. There, you will be able to select an ambience, drag-and-drop materials, and take photographs of your model in a matter of seconds.

If, at any moment you make changes in your model, pressing the export button again will synchronize Studio, reflecting the changes in the geometry, but keeping all your materials, camera and lighting setup work.

Development is progressing well, and we expect to have more news about SolidWorks-to-Maverick very soon.

Stay tuned!

EDIT (Jan 2020): Our SolidWorks plug-in has been put on hold until we receive clearance from the D’Assault partners program.