Dear Maverick Community,

First of all, Merry Christmas and our best wishes to you and your loved ones in this very special season of the year.

We are happy to announce that we just released Maverick Studio and Maverick Indie 2022.7. You can grab it from the try page or from your user account if you are a customer.

We did not stop when we released Multiclone one month ago and continued adding features to create procedural geometry patterns in Maverick. This time we introduce an extension to our existing Scatter node called Scatter Pattern.

Scatter pattern

The scatter node, as you most likely know, randomly scatters one or more source objects on top of an existing base surface.

In this release, we have added a new section of parameters where the distribution of sources over the base surface isn’t random, but aligned with the UVs of the base. i.e., forming a regular grid.

Examples are worth a thousand words. And here you have some beautiful ones:




Types of pattern

Basically, you can create two types of patterns:

  1. Regular space-filling patterns (tri/quad/hexa).
  2. Map-driven patterns.

In the second case you provide a bitmap where white pixels determine where the scattered instances will be created.

Both modes are based on the UVs of the base object, and support uvmap transforms and projections.



scatter + gradient_color + remap

We have also greatly improved the gradient_color node, which now provides multiple use modes and an editable gradient curve.

We have also added a new map called remap, with which you can use a gradient_color to colorize a grayscale input map. A very classic and eye-catching example of this feature is the creation of miniature terrains, where both the height and the color are driven by a procedural map or by a terrain heightmap.




Aw always, here’s a very complete video-tutorial that goes through all the new features:

Gradient-driven iridiscent metals

The remap node has several other creative uses. For example, it can be used in conjunction with the falloff node to controlize view-dependent iridiscence.

Here’s an example of the look you can easily achieve, and a video-tutorial on how to do it.




Christmas promotion

Finally, we have started a Christmas promotion that will last until Jan 5th. Buy your Maverick license or extend your existing one for 1 more year, and get a 15% OFF.


This is all for now. Thank you for watching!