Make the most out of Maverick Studio

In this area you will find learning resources and free content for you to use in your own scenes.

In order to display the subject in a hyper-real mood, professional photographers spend many hours painstakingly brushing off all sorts of tiny defects which are unavoidable in real photography. This is the reason why the 1300+ materials included in the default Maverick Studio library are carefully crafted versions of clean real-life materials.

This deliberate lack of imperfections is not detractive of the render quality, unlike in other render solutions. This is because Maverick is a physically-correct simulation engine capable of bringing the real essence of materials to life. However, you may want to use materials with imperfections and irregularities every now and then.

On this page you will find additional packs with weathered, worn out, and scratched materials. These packs will self-install into the Maverick shading library. Be advised to not abuse these!

Additional Resources Pack: Damaged Ceramic

100+ ceramic materials with mild imperfections.



Additional Resources Pack: Damaged Plastics

300+ polished and rough plastics.



Additional Resources Pack: Damaged Metals

100+ metals with dirt, roughness, and scratches.



In the Welcome page in Maverick Studio you will find some really great sample scenes. Those samples will show you first-hand what some of our best artists can do with Maverick, and how they do it. On this page you can find new scenes to keep practicing and help you boost your learning curve. Just download and install them, and they will show up in Studio on the Start screen, under the Samples tab. Enjoy them!

Additional scene pack: Radio

Iconic Braun SK2 desktop radio.


Additional scene pack: Chess

Chessboard with shallow Depth Of Field.


Additional scene pack: Ring

Jewelry item with metal and gemstones.