Sketchfab is a very hot platform where 3D creators can showcase their artwork, people can buy/sell 3D models, and embed 3D content anywhere on the web.

Sketchfab allows to download models in a well structured flavor of GLTF, with PBR-compliant maps that follow a naming and channel grouping convention that we have made an importer for. So importing models downloaded from Sketchfab in Maverick is now as easy as downloading a GLTF from Sketchfab and then importing that GLTF from the Sketchfab button in our main toolbar.

The video below illustrates the process with some examples.


And here you can see some crisp screenshots with the results that you can easily achieve in Maverick with our new Sketchfab importer:


Robot Steampunk 3D-Coat 4.5 PBR by: Davyd Vidiger


The Noble Craftsman by: olmopotums


BOX-Bot by: Osho


DreadRoamer by: TooManyDemons


Rank 3 Police Unit by: nikvili

Thanks for watching!