We have just released a new build today, and it is probably the most heavily feature-charged upgrade we’ve made in the past months. We will go into the details of all the new features in a future blog post (e.g., object grouping and hierarchy, improved compositing capabilities, …). But the most stellar highlight (pun intended?) of this new release, is the addition of real-time and physically-correct lens effects.

View the changelog for more details.

Some history

As most of you may know, we are the creators of the popular ArionFX plug-in, for HDR tonemapping and  lens effects in Photoshop and AfterEffects. We have been asked many times whether all the power of ArionFX would be brought into Maverick, and the answer is yes. We have done that, and then some more.

We have ported all our expertise from ArionFX to Maverick, translating our own algorithms from CPU to GPU, to deliver the highest quality post-processing toolchain one can dream of, right into the Maverick framebuffer, and reactive in real-time.

Here you have a presentation video and some example images:


What makes our lens effects so special?

Like everything in Maverick, we’ve made the commitment to stay physically-correct all the way. Our lens effects use real-world physics (e.g., diffraction, chromatic aberration, …) based on the actual camera settings, and the light intensities and reflectances involved in the scene.

This ensures true-to-life results, but we have not forgotten about artistic control. It is possible to override the camera settings and to remap the intensities in the render to better empashyze, dim or exaggerate the lens effects the way you want.

Please excuse the fact that the images in this post are animated gifs and hence they exhibit dithering and banding not present in the original renders. Feel free to visit the Maverick gallery to view these renders in final quality.


Glare, Bloom, … and much more

The new Lens tab in the Tonemapping panel brings the following effects:

  • A very flexible vignetting.
  • Color fringe (chromatic aberration).
  • Bloom.
  • Glare.
  • HDR remapping to threshold Bloom/Glare.
  • Diaphragm settings to override the camera settings.

We have also added an HDR sharpen tool in the Utils tab. This all adds up to our already very complete tonemapping, curves control, and color-grading tools in the other tabs.

You can find the Lens tab in Maverick here:


Here you can see the flexibility of our vignetting solution in action:


And here you can see our fringe, glare and bloom all together, doing their thing:


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As always, thanks for watching!