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Rhino connection

Rhino connection

Dear users,

Last Wednesday, at the McNeel Marine Design & Engineering Meeting, we announced our upcoming bridge plug-in for Rhinoceros 6. And today we have made it available!

Our Rhino connection is an exporter plug-in that allows you to send your models to Maverick Studio directly from your Rhinoceros session. The plug-in itself is free, and you can use it as much as you want with the Maverick Studio trial, or with your subscription plan.

You can download the Maverick Studio 30-day trial and the Rhino-to-Maverick plug-in from

Bring those designs to life and feel free to share your results with us on social media.

We love Rhino!

Hello, World!

Hello, World!

Hello from the Maverick Render Team!

Maverick is airborne, and here’s our statement:

We are focused on shaping our software to the needs of product designers, visualizers, and marketing specialists.

On this blog we will talk about new features, progress in development, and other topics of interest to our community of users. Like… did you know that we upgrade Maverick Studio very often, and there is usually a new build every Friday? Development moves fast here, and here is the changelog with the most recent upgrades we’ve made.

Wait. What? You’re not a user yet? Oh my! Grab our 30-day trial and use it even for commercial work if you want.

Feel free to share your feedback with us by mail, or through our social networks, like Instagram or Youtube.

Have fun rendering!