Our importer for models created in ZBrush now supports two different workflows:

  • Multi-map export, where the model is made of parts, each with its own maps.
  • NEW: Single-mesh Polypaint model export.

We have added both features needed for these workflows (i.e., multi-part import, and vertex-color support) to all the file formats that Maverick can read. Previous versions of Maverick were already capable of reading multi-part .obj ZBrush scenes. But now it is also possible to, for example, read .fbx files with baked Polypaint.

In both cases bringing a model is a one-shot action from Maverick. All you have to do is use the button labeled ZBrush in our main toolbar.

This video below illustrates the process for meshes exported with Polypaint:


The model featured at the header of this post is called Mountain King, by Pierre-Antoine. And here you can see two more before (ZBrush) and after (Maverick) examples:


Giant Day Gecko by: DigitalLife3D


Goblin assassin by: Sergey Egelsky

Our pre-existing workflow for multi-map exported meshes can be refreshed with this video we published some time ago:


We can’t wait to see your sculpts shine in Maverick!