Three days ago we released a big update for Maverick Studio/Indie. And we wanted to complement the blog post we did then with some related remarks.

New YouTube videos

We encourage all our customers and trial users to take a look at (and/or subscribe to) our YouTube channel. There is where we post new tutorials or present new features in a more visual manner:

Right after last week’s release, we published a couple of videos: 


Projectors library

The build released days ago had a minor mistake, as it was not resetting the library directories. For this reason, some of you have reported that you couldn’t find the projectors area in the build. We have fixed this issue for the next build. But meanwhile, the way to manual reset the library directories from the Studio/Indie UI is to go to Preferences, and then press this button:


Support for Rhino (improvements)

Another upgrade worth mentioning, but not mentioned in our previous post, is that we found and fixed an issue in the OBJ importer for .obj files generated with Rhino.

Our Rhino users can simply use our Rhino-to-Maverick (RtM) bridge plug-in, available from our try page. However, users of Rhino 5 still need to get to Maverick through OBJ, FBX, or other formats. Rhino .obj files are not fully standard and require special handling, which was not working in previous builds. But the problem is fixed now. .obj files exported from Rhino will now load, get previewed in the importer, and load successfully in a breeze.

As a side note, we are currently working on several workflow and usability improvements in the Rhino-to-Maverick bridge that we will announce and document in a video soon.


Thank you for reading!