Dear Maverick users,

Every day we receive mails with your questions and requests. Many of these mails ask whether we will implement this or that feature.

We would like to give an answer to some of the most frequently requested features by exposing a piece of our roadmap here. The features listed below are currently at different stages of development. So you can expect them to pop up at some point in our weekly builds. But please note that we release features only when we consider them release-worthy, and in no particular order, as some take longer to develop than others. Also note that we can’t provide a timeframe, as development often becomes impredictable down the road.

These are some features we are currently working on:

  • Animation (turntable first, full support in the UI later).
  • Bring animation from Alembic, FBX, …
  • UV mapping projectors within Studio.
  • HDR editor.
  • Bridges with more 3rd party apps, besides Rhino.
  • Importers for materials created in 3rd party apps.
  • GPU-based implementation of the most relevant tonemapping features in ArionFX.

We will take advantage of this post to open comments in our blog, because we would love to hear your requests!

What feature(s) would you love to see in Maverick the most? Have your say!